WordPress Custom Taxonomy & Category Pages

WordPress Custom Taxonomy & Category Pages lets you present your taxonomy and category pages the way you want them. Create any layout, look and feel like you would a regular page or post and then assign it as your taxonomy or category page.

Give your site the SEO boost it needs and give your users the best experience ever. WP Custom Taxonomy & Category Pages works with any theme & plugins including: WooCommerce, WooCommerce Brands, Easy Digital Downloads, WP Ecommerce, Yoast SEO, All in One SEO and many more.

The Benefits of WP Custom Taxonomy & Category Pages Plugin:

  • Build your category pages the way you want them to be
  • Create content rich category pages
  • Get more traffic by improving SEO and rank of your category pages
  • Enhance the user experience when they access category pages
  • Increase shopping conversions with category pages that have images, products and content
  • Reduce bounce rate by including useful information on taxonomy and category pages
  • Compatible with all themes and shopping carts including Woocommerce/WP Ecommerce/Easy digital downloads and any other custom taxonomy your theme or plugin might have


  • Works out of the box without any coding.
  • Tested with visual composer and some  other page builder. So you can easily design your category pages using visual composer.
  • Allows you to style every category page differently.
  • Easily change your default boring looking category pages to some cool interactive category page.
  • Works out of box with all 3rd party plugins like WooCommerce/Easy Digital Downloads/WP Ecommerce/Ithemes Exchange and any other plugin which uses custom taxonomy or wordpress categories.
  • Works will all popular SEO Plugins including Yoast SEO/All in One SEO plugin.


This plugin comes with a shortcode which is basically used to display the link to view all the products of the current category.

[wptcp_view_all] – This shortcode accepts one parameter which is basically the text of the view all products link. The shortcode with the text parameter looks like this

[wptcp_view_all text=”View all posts under news”] 

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1 Review

  • S. Vanderstelt
    Customer support

    Great plugin to make your WC-category pages look the way you want.
    Outstanding support helped me to make the plugin blend perfectly in my site.
    So why not five stars?
    Because the plugin description on the site is a tad too limited.
    The plugin has no feature to show the product categories on the created page.
    You have to use code or a widget to make the categories apear. (But probably that is what you were intented to do anyway when you are looking for a plugin like this)
    It works very comprehensive and is defenitly worth the money

    Posted On: May 26, 2017

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