How to achieve numeric URLs in WordPress?

April 11, 2017    

A few days back I came across a strange issue with numeric URLs in WordPress mentioned in support request of WordPress forums that WordPress is adding a suffix whenever we try to make the post/page slug to numeric only. Suppose, if I have a URL like the following http://example.com/123456789/ WordPress automatically changes this to http://example.com/123456789-2/ After checking this weird issue, I thought to debug and find out a solution. After few hours…   read more 

Geekery clean responsive wordpress blog theme

December 23, 2014    

We released our first theme(GEEKERY) on wordpress.org. GEEKERY is a clean responsive wordpress blog theme which is mainly targeted for the bloggers. The theme settings can be customized via wordpress theme customizer which is located under Appearance > Customize. The customizer allows you to define a custom logo for your site which will replace the site title.  Next it has option to enable/disable the slider. The slider is mainly formed from the sticky posts…   read more 

WP Social Icons – Easily add social icons to your site

September 18, 2014    

WP Social Icons is a simple light weight plugin which allows you to easily add social icons to your site. The plugin has a very user friendly admin interface to choose from 260 different font icons. You can easily customise the look and feel of the plugin to match the look and feel of your site. WP Social Icon Pro is out now. Check out the Pro Features Features: Visual icon chooser to chose from…   read more 

Set a minimum length for WordPress comments

August 25, 2014    

You might often come across some comments where people put their website url in order to get a link back to their website or some comments like “Nice Post”, “Great Read”, “Thanks” etc… You might always end up in moderating these types of comments and making it spam or trash it. The main purpose of comments on a blog is about discussion and people can always thank your or appreciate you by…   read more 

WP Responsive Menu Pro – Mobile Menu Plugin

August 17, 2014    

WP Responsive Menu Pro is an advanced version of WP Responsive Menu plugin. The plugins comes with lots of great features which you would have ever imaged. Now its much more easier to change different aspect of the menu. Check out the new features and make your mobile menus much more better.

WP Social Stream – Show a stream of your online activity

April 8, 2014    

WP Social Stream is a simple, light weight plugin which allows you to show a stream of your online activities on your site.  Now combine all of your social network interactions into one single network stream and display on your site. This plugin has easy to use configuration, which allows you to add your different social network accounts , customize look and feel of the the plugin to match your site design. Key Features:…   read more