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WooCommerce Sticky Add To Cart Pro

WooCommerce Sticky Add To cart increases your WooCommerce website conversion rate by offering a convenient way to checkout by always displaying the add to cart button when are reading about your product description. Download the Free Version to test how it works on your site. Today's fast-paced world is dominated by short of attention spans […]

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WooCommerce MailChimp Discount - Extra Fields AddOn

WooCommerce MailChimp Discount - Extra Fields Add-on is an Add-on for WooCommerce MailChimp Discount Plugin which will help you to easily add extra fields to your opt-in form created using WooCommerce MailChimp Discount plugin. If you are running any campaigns or promotions and you want to capture some extra fields like age, gender etc. of […]

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WordPress Idle Logout

WordPress Idle Logout is an WordPress Plugin which allows you to easily setup a inactivity logout system on your WordPress powered website. The user would be informed that they would be automatically logged out within a certain about of time if they remain inactive for a specified amount of time on the website. The plugin […]

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WordPress Age Restricted Posts

WordPress Age restricted posts is a wordpress plugin which allows you to easily assign any posts, category, tags to be only viewable by a certain age group of users. This plugin adds functionality to assign any posts, category, tags to be only viewable by a certain age group which you can set on the admin […]

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WooCommerce Trending Products

WooCommerce Trending Products is a WooCommerce plugin/addon which allows you to display trending products on your WooCommerce powered store. The plugin has different admin settings to display the trending products on your website. You can display trending products based on different options such as highest sold products, Most viewed products, On sale products or you […]

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WooCommerce First Purchase Discount

WooCommerce First Purchase Discount is a WooCommerce addon which allows you to offer discount to the customers who are making their first purchase on your store. The plugin checks for combination of multiple fields such as address, zip code, name, phone number and email id to know if the user has already made a purchase […]

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