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December 23, 2014

We released our first theme(GEEKERY) on GEEKERY is a clean responsive wordpress blog theme which is mainly targeted for the bloggers. The theme settings can be customized via wordpress theme customizer which is located under Appearance > Customize. The customizer allows you to define a custom logo for your site which will replace the site title.  Next it has option to enable/disable the slider. The slider is mainly formed from the sticky posts on your blog. The theme displays 5 most recent sticky posts on the slider.

Then we have color settings, which allows you to define a custom color for the background of the site and also allows you to define a primary color for the site. The primary color will change almost all of the color on your site.

Next we have background image, which allows you to define a custom background image for the site. After that we have custom css which allows you to define a custom css codes if you would like customize your site more.

If you have any queries then you can leave your comments.


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