Set a minimum length for WordPress comments


August 25, 2014

You might often come across some comments where people put their website url in order to get a link back to their website or some comments like "Nice Post", "Great Read", "Thanks" etc... You might always end up in moderating these types of comments and making it spam or trash it. The main purpose of comments on a blog is about discussion and people can always thank your or appreciate you by using the social like/share.

In order to check comments before saving to database WordPress provides preprocess_comment filter. Using this preprocess_comment hook you can easily get the length of the comment which the user is trying to post and then you can restrict cheap tramadol 50mg online users by providing a certain length for the comments.

Lets checkout preprocess_comment  hook and create something similar.

add_filter( 'preprocess_comment', 'magni_comment_length' );
function magni_comment_length( $commentdata ) {
//Set a minimum length for comments.
$mg_commentlength = 40;
if ( strlen( trim( $commentdata['comment_content'] ) ) < $mg_commentlength ) {

wp_die( 'Error: Make sure your comment is at least ' . $mg_commentlength . ' characters long.' );

return $commentdata;

So in the above example we are checking the length of submitted comment using strlen php function and then we are using wp_die function to display error if the comment length is less than the specified minimum length.


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