10 CSS Generators which will come in handy while development

December 1, 2014    

Hello Folks, Some of you might be aware about the online css generators which is really helpful when creating any website. Here is a list of CSS generators which I find pretty helpful while developing any theme from PSD. I know most of you might like writing codes by yourselves but these tool will really save time and you can complete your development hassle free. CSS3 GENERATOR The website css3 generator( )…   read more 

WP Social Icons – Easily add social icons to your site

September 18, 2014    

WP Social Icons is a simple light weight plugin which allows you to easily add social icons to your site. The plugin has a very user friendly admin interface to choose from 260 different font icons. You can easily customise the look and feel of the plugin to match the look and feel of your site. WP Social Icon Pro is out now. Check out the Pro Features Features: Visual icon chooser to chose from…   read more 

Set a minimum length for WordPress comments

August 25, 2014    

You might often come across some comments where people put their website url in order to get a link back to their website or some comments like “Nice Post”, “Great Read”, “Thanks” etc… You might always end up in moderating these types of comments and making it spam or trash it. The main purpose of comments on a blog is about discussion and people can always thank your or appreciate you by…   read more 

WP Responsive Menu Pro – Mobile Menu Plugin

August 17, 2014    

WP Responsive Menu Pro is an advanced version of WP Responsive Menu plugin. The plugins comes with lots of great features which you would have ever imaged. Now its much more easier to change different aspect of the menu. Check out the new features and make your mobile menus much more better.

Creating Image Zoom Effect Using CSS3 Transitions

August 14, 2014    

You might often want to add some cool hover effects to the images of your website. In this article I would guide you through how you create image zoom effect using css3 transitions. You might also find some jQuery plugins to do the same if you are looking for backward compatibility with Internet Explorer but anyways CSS3 now a days more popular and works with all modern browsers and it will save…   read more 

10 Simple BootStrap Plugin To Make Your Life Easy

August 12, 2014    

As you might know Bootstrap is becoming more and more popular everyday and it is more into development now a days. It has all the basic elements that you might need to create/design a website but when it comes to more customization and need of more advanced features which doesn’t comes bundled with bootstrap then jQuery Plugins comes into role. There are lots of jQuery plugins available for Bootstrap which helps you…   read more