How to achieve numeric URLs in WordPress?

April 11, 2017     Nirmal    

A few days back I came across a strange issue with numeric URLs in WordPress mentioned in support request of WordPress forums that WordPress is adding a suffix whenever we try to make the post/page slug to numeric only. Suppose, if I have a URL like the following WordPress automatically changes this to After checking this weird issue, I thought to debug and find out a solution. After few hours…   read more 

How to create mailchimp webhooks

August 24, 2015     Nirmal    

In MailChimp a Webhook is used to collect information related to the list for which you create a webhook for. Webhooks generally collect data when the list has updates such as subscribes, unsubscribes, profile updates etc. You can easily create a webhook which would post data to your application using the webhook url specified for the list. Here are the steps that you can follow to create a mailchimp webhook if you…   read more 

Segment Mailchimp List Using Signup Source

May 2, 2015     Nirmal    

If you are having Mailchimp signup form on multiple places on your site. Such as your contact page, a promotion popup or on your website footer etc. Then in this case you might want to know which subscribe came form which signup form on your site and then segment them based on the signup sources. You can easily capture the signup source by creating a new merge tag for your Mailchimp list. Follow…   read more 

6 Must Follow Mobile UI Tips for app developers

May 1, 2015     Nirmal    

Though there are a number of considerations that need to be kept in mind while building a mobile application, user interface is the prime one. If you’re successful in developing an intuitive user interface for your app, then nothing can stop you from attaining the reputation of a professional mobile app developer. If you too belong to the mobile app development company and are keen on developing an outstanding mobile interface, then this…   read more 

Creating 3D Image Flip Effect using CSS3 Transistions

January 29, 2015     Nirmal    

CSS3 transitions are a great way to create awesome animation effects without writing any javascripit/jquery. In this article I am going to demonstrate how you you can use CSS3 transitions to create awesome 3D image flip effect. There are also couple of jquery plugins available to achieve the same effect but I like the CSS way as I am fascinated by CSS#. Here is a demo of what we will be building….   read more 

Geekery clean responsive wordpress blog theme

December 23, 2014     Nirmal    

We released our first theme(GEEKERY) on GEEKERY is a clean responsive wordpress blog theme which is mainly targeted for the bloggers. The theme settings can be customized via wordpress theme customizer which is located under Appearance > Customize. The customizer allows you to define a custom logo for your site which will replace the site title.  Next it has option to enable/disable the slider. The slider is mainly formed from the sticky posts…   read more